Super Saturday
August 18, 2007, 10:38 pm
Filed under: Brendan, Children, Daddy, Joy, Luke, Mary Kate

Wow, Luke and Joy had a busy day today! Mommy’s been sick but woke up this morning feeling much better. That meant she had to get crackin’ on her presentation for Monday’s BIG meeting with a BIG client! So daddy took Luke and Joy to breakfast at Shipyard Galley and then off we went to Parlow Farms to see farmer Rockwell and pick up our veggies. We took a little spin around Marion and stopped briefly at daddy’s friends, the Barry’s. A little wiffle ball in Shipyard Park, followed by a nap and we were ready to go to Family Fun Day at the Casino where we ran into all kinds of friends including Brendan and May Kate. There was a Nemo water slide, which Luke enjoyed and Joy didn’t, and lots of other fun games.


The kid band Blackout pleased the crowd with a couple of sets.


Tonite, Secret played in the gazebo and Luke “stayed up later” with daddy, 9:00 pm , the end of the concert. It was a cool, crystal clear night and Daddy and Luke scouted the sky for falling stars. Daddy also taught Luke about the Big Dipper and how to find the North Star.

All in all, today was a great adventure!


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Blackout rocks

Comment by MATT

Blackout is so hot they are all cute!

Comment by Alisia

Seans drumming is so punk rock I WENT TO A GIG! HE rox mi sox!!!!!!!

Comment by Sam

Blackouts website is GO NOW IT ROCKS!

Comment by #1 Blackout fan

Alex is SO hot he shreds the guitar like led-zepplin!

Comment by Samantha

Blackout is SO AWSOME!

Comment by Colin

You should put more pictures of Blackout on Google!

Comment by Bob


Comment by Dickisakick

Hayden (the new guy) ROCKS! (andiscute)

Comment by Sherley

Hey peter thanks for putting our picture on google
u rock!

Comment by Alex

I think Blackout is going places! Hope you play again this summer. By they way, I don’t rock, YOU ROCK! Be good!

Comment by Peter A. Mello

thanks! also for putting our pics on google. you can see us at the casino playing at family fun days and other stuff. We are playing a concert this saturday and we have gotten WAY better!

Comment by ALex

Michael is so dang hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he rocks hayden in a bass compitition

Comment by Brooke

Hi this is alex saying that we are playing at the casino family fun day july 19 and august 16 at 2:00

Comment by Alex

when i was a kid, i really enjoyed going up and down on water slides, it is a very enjoyable experience “”‘

Comment by Kitchen Towels

JDCDCG Menia viebali kak shmelia na goufake YYou!!!!

Comment by ebiarbashu

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