Buppa’s Car
August 5, 2007, 7:50 pm
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Luke and Joy at Ned's Point in Buppa's car by Uncle Phil 08 05 07

Today  was the second day of the Mattapoisett 150 celebrations and Mommy, Nanna, Daddy and Luke rode bikes out to Ned’s Point for the Family picnic where the Congregational Church provided free lemonade and watermelon. Joy ride on the back of Daddy’s Bike and Buppa met us there in his Model A. We saw lots of people including Uncle Phil, who took this picture, and Auntie Sharon. We also saw the McIntires and Brenden got to ride in Buppa’s rumble seat with Luke and Joy around the Ned’s Point parking lot.


Happy Valentines Day!
February 14, 2007, 10:04 pm
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Buppa and Luke at the Kinsale Inn

It snowed last night but not too much. Good thing because Luke and Joy each brought special Valentines Day cookies that Mummy baked last night to their schools today.

Mummy, Luke and Joy gave Daddy a beautiful Mondaine watch which is the Official Watch of the Swiss Railway. Wow, that’s sure to be an accurate watch, cool looking too!. Daddy, Luke and Joy gave Mummy a new iPod Nano so she can listen to music and podcasts during her business trips.

Luke, Joy, Nanna, Buppa, Mummy and Daddy all went to the Kinsale Inn for dinner.

Day 7 – Final Hours in Paradise
February 6, 2007, 12:02 am
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Since this was the last time to go to the beach for at least 6 months, everyone rose early. We packed and then headed off to the beach. Luke spent most of the time trying to catch small pretty small fish and a few speedy crabs in his bucket with no success.

Rum Point Beach, Grand Cayman

Walking back, a nice woman came out of her condo to give Luke and Joy a beautiful conch shell as a souvenir. The people in Grand Cayman are very nice!

Cayman conch shell

After a great morning at the beach and we had our last Grand Cayman meal in the place that we had our first, The Wreck Bar. We all piled into the mini-van and Mummy drove to the airport. It was sad to leave Grand Cayman and we hope to return someday soon.

Good bye Grand Cayman!

Day 6 – Adventure Day
February 3, 2007, 12:27 am
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Today was our last full day and we finally felt like it was necessary to leave Rum Point so that we could at least say that we saw something other than the beach. We all piled into the mini-van and drove about 20 minutes to the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Gardens. We figured that this was a pretty safe excursion as we could be back on the beach before lunch and naps. Boy, were we wrong!

While the gardens are beautiful, we went to see the rare blue iguanas that populate the park. Just walking down several paths, we came across these beautiful creatures. A really nice groundskeeper arranged for us to meet the warden and get a behind the scenes tour of the iguana nursery area where they raise these nearly extinct reptiles. The only place in the world that they live is on Grand Cayman and there are only about 30 in existence. The Blue Iguana Recovery Program on Grand Cayman has a great website.

Joy spotting our first blue iguana

blue iguana

After lunch and a quick nap we all headed back to the beach where our wildlife adventure continued. Luke, Joy, Nanna, Buppa, Mummy and Daddy were all in the water when Nanna noticed some fish swimming around our feet. Daddy put on his mask and snorkel to get a closer look and came upon a STINGRAY that snuck up on us and was no more than 4 feet away! Luckily Daddy just bought an underwater camera in the gift shop so we were able to take pictures of it. Everybody was amazed and excited about seeing nature this upclose in the morning and afternoon. Daddy will post the underwater pictures after they get developed the old fashion way back in Mattapoisett.

After such great adventures, Nanna and Buppa wanted to take everyone out to dinner so we went to the famous Lighthouse Restaurant for a fabulous dinner! A great end to a great last day to a great vacation! 

Day 5 – Another Glorious Day at the Beach
February 1, 2007, 9:43 pm
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Well, you guessed it, we had another glorious day at the beach. Luke and Joy started early with a jog on the beach. Daddy spotted several sting rays swimming just a few feet of the beach.

More great beach time and then back for lunch and a nap. In the afternoon Nanna and Buppa drove to 7 Mile Beach; they had a nice time but Luke, Joy, Mummy and Daddy were happy to go to the pool instead. Luke practiced his swimming doing lots of laps and even jumping in a bit. After that we headed back to the beach where Mummy treated everybody to frozen drinks. No worries, Luke and Joy’s were smoothies! 🙂

Luke and Joy played with Benjamin (3 yo from London) and Christopher (about 2 from parts unknown). At one point, it looked like Mummy was running a beach daycare. Everybody had lots of fun, it’s fun to make new friends and play with their toys.

Grand Cayman Beach Playgroup

Day 3 – More fun in the sun in Grand Cayman!
January 30, 2007, 9:37 pm
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Lesson #1: Start your Grand Cayman day with a good application of sunscreen. Demonstration video:

Another great day in Grand Cayman. Luke and Joy started off the day in the pool by the condo. The water was pretty chilly and just when everyone was getting acclimated the pool man came. So we moved the party to the beach which was pretty empty when we arrived. However, in no time a boat let off a mob of cruise ship passengers but the good news was that it was a Disney Cruise so there were lots of kids around.

We had a great lunch at the condo and then everybody took a nap to gather energy for an afternoon adventure. Mummy, Daddy, Luke and Joy went back to the beach while Nanna and Buppa went off for a bike ride. Mummy and Daddy had an afternoon snack (Cayman Coladas) since the beach is conveniently located to the Wreck Bar.

Luke and Joy at Rum Point

Another great day in Paradise!

Day 2 – Grand Cayman Adventure
January 29, 2007, 9:43 pm
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Luke and Joy at Rum Point

After a good nights sleep, everybody rose early to start our Grand Cayman adventure. Buppa and Daddy drove a long way to the supermarket to pick up food for the week. Luke and Joy played in the Lagoon with Nanna and Mummy.

After lunch we all headed out to the beach. It was alot more windy and cloudy than yesterday but that didn’t stop Luke from hitting the surf.

Luke on the Lanai

Mummy and Nanna cooked a great dinner and the adults watched Elizabeth on DVD.

Another great day in Paradise!